Department of pharmaceutical chemistry


Mr. S. K. Singh                
HOD, Department of Ph. Chemistry

Pharmacy education is incomplete without proper and inadequate practices activities. Practicles are the basis of pharmacy education. All the laboratories of our college in pharmaceutical chemistry department are fully equipped. Each laboratory is according to guidelines and norms of AICTE and PCI, New Delhi. The institute has three pharmaceutical chemistry lab.

  • Pharmaceutical chemistry I
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry II
  • Pharmaceutical analysis I

Picture from Pharm chemI    Picture from Pharm chemI       
Picture from Pharm chemI    Picture from Pharm Analysis    

Central instrument centre:
Central instrument centre is equipped with various sophisticated instruments functional at the department include:

  • HPLC(High performance liquid chrmatography)
  • UV spectrometer
  • pH meter
  • Potentiometer
  • Digital centrifuge
  • Sonicator

These instruments are being utilized to characterize the various isolated & synthesisezed chemical moiety and their properties.

Picture of HPLC (High performance liquid chrmatography)    Picture of UV spectrometer