Gender Sensitization/Harassment Cell for the Academic Session 2018-19

  1. Chairperson – Om PrakashTiwari (Principal)
  2. Member –       Shashi Kant Singh (Associate Professor)
  3. Member –       SwapnilPandey (Assistant Professor)
  4. Member –        S. K. Pandey (Assistant Professor)
  5. Member –        Rajan Singh (Assistant Professor)
  6. Member –       Rajlakshmi Pandey (Assistant Professor)

Anti Ragging Cellfor the Academic Session 2018-19

  1. Chairperson/Head –  Om Prakash Tiwari (Principal)
  2. Member –                     Swapnil Pandey (Assistant Professor)
  3. Member –                     Shashi Kant Singh (Associate Professor)
  4. Member –                     Shiv Ji Kashyap (Assistant Professor)
  5. Member –                     Anil Mishra (Office Superintendent)
  6. Member –                     Mithilesh Dwivedee (Associate Professor)

Toll Free No. of National Anti-Ragging : 1800-180-5522


Anti – Discrimination Cell for the Academic Session 2018-19

  1. Chairperson/Head –  Surendra Tripathy (Assistant Professor)
  2. Member –                    D. P. Maurya (Assistant Professor)
  3. Member –                    Priyanka Singh (Assistant Professor)
  4. Member –                    Rajan Kr. Singh (Assistant Professor)
  5. Member –                    S. K. Pandey (Assistant Professor)
  6. Member –                    Brajesh Shankar (Assistant Professor)
  7. Member –                    Santosh Kumar Rai (Assistant Professor)


SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Committee

To prevent the commission of offences of atrocities against scheduled costs and scheduled tribes students following faculties are appoint as member.

  1. Shashi Kant Singh
  2. D. P. Maurya
  3. SurendraTripathy


Grievances Redressal Committee

In pursuit of improvement and development of the college the administration has decided to form a committee for the following purpose.

  1. Look after the students affairs.
  2. Resolving issues arising out of working and interactions.
  3. Recommendation of suggestions for improvement of the college.

Following persons shall be nominated constituent member of the committee:-

  1. Dr. O. P. Tiwari                      Chairman
  2. Mr. SantoshRai                       Member
  3. Mr. Rajan Kumar Singh          Member

The committee shall forward its recommendation to the Director for appropriate action.

The committee is constituted with effect from 02-07-2018 and effective with same date.